Square Stove - Portable Camping Stove

Enjoy a more delicious way of camping

SquareStove is the perfect companion on your outdoor trips! With our mini stove, you can easily cook warm meals and boil water in an efficient manner from anywhere!

SquareStove heats at 4000w and guarantees a long operation time, perfect for your long travels in the woods. When it’s folded you can easily carry it in your backpack!

Camping becomes far more enjoyable with a warm drink and snack in hand. Take SquareStove on all your adventures to make dining in nature far more delicious!

Why SquareStove is for you

Delicious travels- Enjoy warm meals and reliable heating on all your outdoor trips, fire up your mini stove for the most delicious nights under the stars!

Camp and cook- Become the chef of the woods, make deliciously cooked meals for you and your friends from anywhere in the world!

Fits in a flick- Bring home’s comfort to the outdoors without burdening yourself! When you fold it, SquareStove can easily fit in the smallest backpack!

SquareStove is the ultimate choice- Make your trips in the outdoors far more delicious, use SquareStove to always eat your meals warm!