Prenatal Fetal Doppler

This prenatal fetal doppler allows you to hear your baby's heartbeat whenever you feel the need to. The convenience of being able to monitor your baby at home is what makes our fetal doppler such a smart buy for expecting mothers to be. Share this joyful time with the entire family. Hearing your little one's heartbeat is a connection like no other. 

✅ Piece of Mind - Relieve your worrying and anxiety by hearing your baby's heartbeat at home. 

✅ Share The Magic - Share the experience of listening to your baby's heartbeat with the whole family.

✅ Mood Improvement - Hearing your baby's heartbeat can help improve your overall mood and create a calming effect.

✅ No Waiting Between Ultrasounds - Don't wait weeks to hear your baby's heartbeat, now you can listen at home whenever you want to.

✅ Connecting Baby & Partner- Now your partner can bond with your baby from the very beginning.  


Waiting for that next doctor visit can feel like the longest time ever. As a mother, you want to have that peace of mind and hear your baby's heartbeat. With our prenatal fetal doppler, you can check in on your baby in between doctor visits. Keeping calm, relaxed and stress-free is a must during your pregnancy. Using the doppler in the privacy of your own home is convenient and beneficial as you get to monitor your baby on your own terms.  The joy of hearing your baby's heartbeat and sharing that joy with your family creates an everlasting bond.

Model: FD100
Screen type: 45*25mm / LCD display
Heart rate range: beating 50~240 times/min
Resolution: beat once / minute
Output power: P<20mW
Launch area: <208mm
Working frequency: 2.0MHZ soil 10%
Working mode: continuous wave ultrasound Doppler
Type battery: two 1.5V batteries
Length, width and height: 135*95 *35
LCD: 45mm x 25mm
Machine weight: about 180g (including battery)
Power mode: dry battery